Day Care

Day Care
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The area's first Day Care for dogs where your dog stays and plays in a cage-less playgroup!

Your dog can come and stay with us for the day - we will play, have a few snacks take a nap on the couch and never worry again about being home alone.

We will help re-enforce obedience training. Any special requests are gladly accepted.

All dogs must be vaccinated, show proof of vaccination, and be spayed or neutered.

Dogs who stay home by themselves are more likely to develop behavior problems. They bark, chew, and dig to aleviate their boredom.

Some dogs even regress in thier housebreaking! Exhausted owners come home to a dog that has saved his energy all day!

Dogs who go to daycare are happier, healthier, and more social than dogs left alone at home all day. Daycare provides dogs with an outlet for their boundless energy. It also helps dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.

You don't need to feel guilty about going to work when your dog goes to daycare! When you pick him up after work, he greets you with a wagging tail because he's played all day and wants to go home and take a nap.

Dogs that come to our Daycare center will be supervised all day, and have plenty of friendly dogs to romp around with! You can relax knowing that your dog will be well cared for by our great staff!
All employees at The Dog Shop are Canine First Aid and CPR Certified

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